NHTSA recall campaigns 18E-008 or 18E-009 of II MUCH Fuel/Differential

NHTSA recall campaigns 18E-008 or 18E-009 of II MUCH Fuel/Differential Vent

UPDATE (12 FEB 19): We have had some issues with our recall process -- please see the following.

1.DO NOT sign up for more units than you plan to replace or sign up more than once. This slows down the process.

2. DO NOT send us a unit purchased before June of 2014. We will not, and can not exchange these units as they were not purchased from us. If you are unsure if your unit qualifies for the recall please contact us. There will be a fee to return units not covered by the recall.

3. DO NOT sign up hoping to get a free unit -- we verify and photograph all units sent in for the recall before sending out a replacement

4. DO read the return instructions sent with the return shipping label. 

5. If you are still waiting for a return shipment label it may have gone into your SPAM folder. Please check before contacting us or taking other action.

Also, you may have noticed we are now selling our vent products online and would logically wonder why you haven't been swapped out if we have inventory to sell -- the recall covered three years worth of sales, whereas new sales represent a fraction of the overall demand. 

  • Please see the NHTSA recall letter to determine if you own a product impacted by the recall.
  • After reading the letter, Add as many of the affected product (below) to the shopping cart as you plan on exchanging.  
  • Return labels have been delayed to correspond to the delay in new inventory. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for detailed information. 
  • DO NOT send to us before then as it will not be properly tracked and recorderd per NHTSA regulations.
  • You do not need a credit card as there will be no charge. You will see additional information when you click on the products below.