Clean Air Act Compliance – II MUCH

Clean Air Act Compliance

II MUCH products, documentation, and product descriptions are designed to comply with the United States Clean Air Act.

Whenever possible II MUCH products are designed to reduce emissions. The following are examples of this effort to reduce out gassing while providing the customer with a valuable change of state;

1. II MUCH Fuel tank venting products eliminate fuel spills due to splash back when fueling or hard acceleration compared to original equipment vented fuel caps on pre-emission era vehicles. Installation instructions provide a temperature indicating label for fuel tanks and guidance on how to lower fuel temperatures which reduces out gassing.

2. II MUCH Airport AC bulkhead eliminates up to eight possible AC refrigerant leak points.

3. The PTFE conductive core hose we offer, when retrofitted to a vintage car, dramatically reduces out gassing of fuel vapor into the atmosphere.

II MUCH will not offer tech support to customers wishing to use II MUCH products in a way that could alter, delete, or bypass automotive vehicle emissions equipment. We live in a golden age of horsepower, we can go fast, do the right thing, and comply with the law.