II MUCH VSR Vent System for Fuel, Differential, and Transmission P/N 2

II MUCH VSR Vent System for Fuel, Differential, and Transmission P/N 200024



The II Much VSR remote vent system is designed to allow relocation of fuel tank venting allowing a sealed fuel tank cap to replace a vented one. The system dramatically reduces or eliminates fuel odors, spillage, and burping during fill ups.
For differentials and transmissions, the VSR  prevents pressure from pushing oil past seals or out the port, which is of particular concern for full floating axle assemblies. For off-road applications it allows relocation of the vent, preventing submersion in mud or water and the filter prevents contamination of lubricants.

The II Much VSR provides more flexibility for mounting than the II Much VSB bulkhead system but may require additional plumbing. It can be mounted via  fasteners on the bottom of the canister, optional bracket, or optional clamp.

To install, a -6 line is run from the fuel tank to the canister's "TANK" port. If the canister is mounted externally such as in the bed of a pickup, the 40 Micron Filter can be threaded directly into the "Filter" port on the bottom of the canister. If the canister is mounted inside the vehicle, a -6 hose should be run from the "Filter" port down to a II Much Bulkhead fitting with the filter installed on the outside of the vehicle. At no time should the system vent inside the vehicle.

  • 2.5" Diameter, 5.5" Tall
  • Black Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Includes Stainless Steel fasteners and installation instructions
  • Designed in the USA and assembled from parts made in the US and Canada
  • Tested by Aeromotive to support up to 1400 horsepower without pressure drop
  • Used by Detroit SpeedRing BrothersRoadster ShopICON 4x4Revology  and more.


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