II Much Fuel Tank/Differential Vent System – II MUCH

II MUCH VSB Vent System for Fuel, Differential, and Transmission P/N 200025


NOTE: If you have a backorder and can't wait we can help you choose another II MUCH vent such as the VSR which is available now.

The II MUCH VSB vent system relocates fuel tank venting from the cap on pre-emission era vehicles which were not equipped with evaporative emissions systems. This provides the following benefits;

  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate fuel vapor odors
  • Eliminates fuel spillage and overflows on the track or at the show
  • Easily meets airflow demands of very high volume fuel pumps, preventing pump failure due to cavitation.
  • Allows air to exit tank while fueling preventing "burps"
  • Relocates venting from leak prone vented fuel tank caps.
  • 40 micron air filtration

When used for differential housing venting it provides the following benefits;

  • Eliminates gear oil spillage
  • Reduces gear oil odor
  • Prevents pressure buildup inside housing which can push lubricant past axle seals, especially important in floating axle arrangements.

WARNING: Under rare conditions E85 and flex fuels become highly corrosive, as such, we do not currently warranty or guarantee II MUCH products for use with E85 or fuels with more than 10% alcohol or other additives. We are happy to discuss on our tech line.

EMISSIONS WARNING: This product is not a legal substitute for factory installed evaporative emissions equipment.

WARRANTY: This products is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one-year from the date of purchase. If, within one year, you find this product to be defective, return the product to us and we will –at our discretion – either repair or replace it at no cost to you. This warranty is your sole remedy in the event that the product fails in any way. We hereby also disclaim all liability for incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of this product.


    The VSB has a bulkhead interface and is designed to be mounted through a trunk floor or the bed of a pickup via 2.5" diameter hole.  If remote mounting locations are desired, the II MUCH VSR provides flexible mounting but may require additional plumbing.


    The II MUCH VSB vent system features a single o-ring port on the bottom of the unit, the two adapter below are available to adapt to -6 AN male. This port is where the vent line from the fuel tank connects.

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    Can II MUCH vents be used to replace an evaporative emissions canister?
    No, this would violate the Clean Air Act, and is against the law.

    Do II MUCH vents contain activated carbon or any items requiring maintenance?
    No, there is no charcoal in the unit or items requiring maintenance.

    Is it compatible with E-85?
    We do not warrant the product for use with E-85 because aged E-85 becomes highly corrosive and could, in theory, cause a leak in the unit.

    Will this eliminate the fuel odors in my car or garage?
    Most customers say the odor has been eliminated or dramatically reduced. The installation instruction go into detail about this.

    What is that port on the bottom of the canister?
    Look at the “Fittings” tab on the product page for examples available to purchase from II MUCH.

    Can I use one unit for both fuel and differential?
    No, this would cause gear oil and fuel to mix.

    How high does the unit need to be mounted?
    Enough that fuel in the vent line will eventually drain back into the tank via gravity.

    Does the filter on the bottom of the unit need to be replaced?
    No, but it should be inspected and cleaned with carb. cleaner periodically.

    Is there a roll-over valve in the unit?
    No, but we recommend gravity style as they don’t restrict airflow the way one or two way check valves do.

    What is included with the unit?
    The first page of the installation instructions lists everything the unit ships with

    Can I mount the unit sideways or under my tank?
    No, please read the installation instructions for more details.

    Why can’t I buy this outside of Canada or the USA?
    We’re working on this, but its not an option yet.

    Why can’t I buy II MUCH products from Summit Racing anymore?
    Summit is great, but we are focused on selling direct during COVID-19 due to unpredictable supply chains.


    IIMUCH VSB installed in Detroit Speed customer's Firebird. (click on the photo for more pictures of this build.)

    A pair of IIMUCH VSB's mounted in a truck bed. Click on photo for Level7 Motorsports Instagram!