II Much Fuel Tank/Differential Vent System – II MUCH

II MUCH VSB Vent System for Fuel, Differential, and Transmission P/N 200025


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The II Much VSB bulkhead mount vent system is designed to allow relocation of fuel tank venting such that a sealed fuel tank cap can replace a vented one. The system dramatically reduces or eliminates fuel odors, spillage, and burping during fill ups.

It's also an excellent for differentials, allowing the rear end assembly to breathe, and helping to eliminate differential fluid seepage and leaks. This is very important on full floating axle systems as the seals will fail if pressure builds up in the axle housing.

The VSB's bulkhead interface allows for simple plumbing to a fuel tank or differential requiring just one hole (2.5") and a single -6 hose. If remote mounting locations are desired, the II MUCH VSR provides many options but maybe require additional plumbing.

Independently tested by Aeromotive to 1400HP with no measurable pressure differential in the tank

  • Designed and manufactured in Canada
  • No maintenance required
  • CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Includes 40 Micron filter

Installation Instructions

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All methods, materials, and coatings in the VSR  were chosen for compatibility with E85 and flex fuels, but under certain conditions these fuels become highly corrosive and as such we do not warranty or guarantee the products for use with E85 or fuels with more than 10% alcohol or other additives.
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