Airport AC Bulkhead System P/N 200011 (black) – II MUCH

Airport AC Bulkhead System P/N 200011 (black)


New Design Shipments Begin 16 Sept 22

The II MUCH Airport™ AC bulkhead was designed to dramatically reduce the effort required to elegantly route EZ-Clip lines through the firewall when installing Vintage Air AC system.

  • All four lines fit through a 2.5" hole
  • Eliminates up to 16 potential leak points
  • Because fittings are eliminated there is no need to allow for wrench clearance
  • With EZ-Clips tight bend radius packaging options are improved.
  • Hoses can be passed through without removing hose ends
  • Airport seals against the outside diameter of the EZ-Clip hoses
  • Includes an adapter for the heater control valve to adapt form EZ-Clip to heater hose
  • O-Ring interface seals against the firewall
  • Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum


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